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“el calar”

Our brand name refers to the area of olive groves which produce the raw material for our high quality oil.

We exclusively produce “extra virgin olive oil” obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, of the Cornicabra and Picual varieties of olive, by mechanical procedures or by other physical means designed to avoid any alteration to the nature of the oil, preserving the full taste, aroma and features of the fruit from which it comes.

All the physical and mechanical production phases take place under strictly controlled conditions (cold first press) to ensure the optimum quality of our oil. The olives must be ground on the same day as they are picked because they contain water, which will ferment, and oils which will oxidize, resulting in a deterioration of the oil if they are stored for too long – leading to what we call an “atrojado” or fustiness of the finished product.

The hard work of everyone involved in the process ensures that the olives are fully processed within 24 hours of picking to guarantee production of a high quality olive extract with all its nutrients and flavour intact.

In June 2010 Campo de Montiel olive oil was officially recognised by the European Commission and was granted the Denominación de Origen (DO) certificate for quality food and wine.

The Campo de Montiel DO label is used exclusively to distinguish extra virgin olive oil produced from local olives, processed and bottled in the area and neighbouring towns in the traditional manner. To ensure only the finest quality, all olive farming and oil production procedures are regulated in accord with a strict code of practice. Quality control guidelines are in force to cover every phase of the process from cultivation, harvesting and transport, through fertilization, treatment and pruning and finally the grinding, extraction, storage and bottling stages.

In short, the “Appellation of origin” guarantees the provenance, health standards and quality of “el calar” Virgen Extra olive oil, under “Campo de Montiel” label. Our product is the response to consumers of compliance with all processing and conservation guarantees in accordance with European consumer regulations (EEC Regulation 2092/91). Under the terms of these regulations we are subject to regular visits by Agency Inspectors to independently and objectively verify that our oil is of the very highest standard.

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«Quinto del Cuartillejo»

composed exclusively of members of our family in order to market what has always been our olive oil.



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